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Accio, Harry Potter Squishmallows!

Get out your wands, because you’re going to want every single one of these.

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You know, when two fandoms collide, things can get really intense. (I’m looking at you, Marvel-themed Mickey Mouse ears.) But they can also get really perfect, which is what’s happening with the latest collection of Harry Potter Squishmallows. Potterheads are already pretty heavily invested in all things Hogwarts and beyond, and if you haven’t met a Squishmallow fan yet, let me introduce you to my 9-year-old daughter who literally sleeps on a sliver of mattress because she refuses to move any of her Squishamllows out of her bed.

Combine those two — most 9-year-olds I know are already fans of both Harry Potter and Squishmallows — and it makes sense why this new collection is so exciting. Releasing in waves with more to come, the Harry Potter Squishmallows will cover everything from your favorite characters in different themes (like Quidditch Harry Potter and his golden snitch) to the mascots of the Hogwarts Houses. Soon you’ll be able to make a pile of Harry Potter Squishmallows from which you can watch the movies or read the books. I’m personally holding out for the Professor Lupin Squishmallow and at least one variation of Squishmallow Hagrid. Oh, and Molly Weasley. Ooh! And Professor McGonagall. Wow, Squishmallows, you’ve got work to do.

But for now, enjoy this first wave of Harry Potter Squishmallows.


For the Quidditch Fans

A Harry Potter Squishmallow is one thing, but this duet of Quidditch Harry and his golden snitch? It’s too perfect. The pair will come together, and the little snitch is the perfect size to display with Harry. It’ll even sit up on its own if you give it a little push.


For the Slytherin Wizards

You just didn’t know a Slytherin could look this cute, did you? (Aside from grown-up Draco Malfoy, of course.) I’m not a Slytherin, but I still want this sweet Squishmallow Slytherin snake. His little pink tongue is too perfect, and I love the Hogwarts scarf with the Slytherin house seal right on it. Even though it’s a snake, it still retains that perfect Squishmallow lump shape.


For the Gryffindor Girlies & Guys

Brave and courageous, strong and steady, the Gryffindor lion is a pretty big part of the Harry Potter world, along with Godric Gryffindor’s sword always showing me in a pinch. This little guy also comes with the House scarf and seal, and is just so cuddly.


For the Hufflepuff Housemates

Hufflepuffs are known for being loyal, fun, food-motivated besties, and I just feel like that energy comes straight through the Squishmallow Hufflepuff badger. Don’t you want to squeeze it?


For the Ravenclaw Besties

For your bookish, smart, logical Ravenclaw besties, there’s also the 10-inch Ravenclaw raven, wearing the signature scarf and some eyes that clearly have a thirst for knowledge.


For the Harry Potter Collectors

Not sure which one to grab? This four-pack of your favorite 8-inch Harry Potter characters is the perfect way to start off your Squishmallow collection. Hermione, Ron, Harry, and Hedwig all come together so you can have the whole gang displayed.

The Harry Potter Squishmallows shown here are from Series 1 and Series 2, and more will be on the way throughout the year. Which one are you going to grab first?