The Loungefly x Polly Pocket Collection Is A ‘90s Girl Dream

Don’t you want to shrink yourself down to fit inside?

When I was a kid in the ‘90s, my Polly Pocket collection was a sight to behold. And now as a grown woman in her 30s with three daughters... well. My Polly Pocket collection is still a sight to behold because I kept every single piece. And this obsession is why I can not relax about the new Loungefly x Polly Pocket collab. Romper can exclusively reveal the new line in partnership with Mattel, and every Polly Pocket girly that desperately wanted to shrink down to size to splash in that tiny pool with an even tinier float is going to fall in love.

Loungefly is known for their innovative bags featuring your favorite icons and characters, but this Polly Pocket one is just unmatched. The line will have both a mini backpack and a zip around wallet. The mini backpack will be in the shape of a retro iconic flower Polly Pocket, and the front flap will open up to reveal Polly’s house — both a first and second story connected by a staircase. It’s the exact same kind of design you remember from the ‘90s, with lots of pastel yellow and pink and, as always, a plethora of party snacks available for Polly and her friend. Polly and her BFF are attached to the inside, but can slide around so you can put them into different spots in the house.


The Loungefly x Polly Pocket mini backpack also features a retro Polly on the back, and lots of gold hardware and gorgeous iridescent straps. I’m especially obsessed with the little enamel Polly hanging on the zipper. It’s seriously so cute and fun, and is a great piece for your own Polly Pocket collection or just to have as a sweet little ode to the ‘90s. The Loungefly x Polly Pocket Mini Backpack retails for $80.

The Loungefly x Polly Pocket wallet is just as fun. This piece is in the heart silhouette we all remember so well from our own Polly Pockets, and on the inside it features retro character details and prints, with that same pretty, iridescent exterior and a great little wrist strap. But as cute as it is, it’s still fully functional with plenty of space for cards, your ID, and cash. The Loungefly x Polly Pocket Zip Around Wallet retails for $45.


No matter which piece you choose, you’re sure to make the ultimate ‘90s statement. Along with butterfly clips, tall socks with white platform sneakers, and all the daisy items available, I’m ready to jump full-first into the 1996 look of my dreams. It just seems even more fun to go for it as an adult, and why not make that first step with the Loungefly x Polly Pocket collection?

Both Loungefly x Polly Pocket products are available online now.