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29 Words That Would Make Good Baby Names

...if they had a different meaning.

Choosing a baby name is a big deal and can be a little overwhelming. I mean, this is your baby’s name. You want to get it right. But even if you pore over all the baby books and look at all the lists of baby names, you might still be stumped. Luckily, inspiration can come from anywhere, and TikTok took that literally. A new viral trend of naming words that would make pretty baby names has taken over TikTok and I have to say it — it’s not a bad way to find your baby’s moniker.

Look, baby names all have to come from somewhere, right? Like all words, they have to be made up. J.M. Barrie literally made up the name Wendy when writing Peter Pan, so it kind of tracks that no word is really off limits. Like, you can just make up a name if you want! The trick with choosing a word as a baby name is that a lot of words have... not so great meanings. Or are just so off-the-wall as a baby name, that you know everyone will roast you about it for years. I mean, it’s kind of like a human pastime to mock someone’s name if it sounds different to you, right?

But some of these words — despite their meanings — just sound like cool names for a baby. Remember when Gwyneth named her first child Apple and we were all like “yo, what the f, Gwyneth” and now Apple just sounds like a cute, adorable baby name? Let’s see if we can make that happen with your new baby Basket.



Like a combo of Sam and Xander, the word Exam as a baby name gives off a spunky, cool-yet-mysterious vibe. But since it means “test” in both academic and medical words, it’s a pretty negative-feeling word.



I’m sure there is a baby out there named Church and that the parents chose it as a sign of their faith, but it’s still an odd choice. It does sound kind of cool though, right? It’s one of those hard, short names that gives off a very specific cool-kid feel. Like Lurch, but prettier? Feels kind of goth in that sense.



Maybe it’s that Addition looks like Addison or Adelaide or any other number of girl names that can be shortened to Addie, but say it out loud a few times. Addition. I kind of like it.



Basket has an earthy feel, I’m sorry, it just does. Michael Jackson named a baby Blanket and we were all like, “Weird, but whatever” and I just think Basket isn’t nearly as strange as Blanket. A little baby Basket? It feels like a surname-as-a-first-name which is a pretty cool trend anyway.



Chances are, there’s a Kail or Kale or Kayle out there somewhere, but this leafy green deserves a spot on the list. It’s reminiscent of Kai or Kyle, absolute cool guy names, and it’s short and sweet. I also see it as gender neutral.



Doesn’t this kind of have an earthy, Huck Sawyer vibe to it? Maybe I’m just imagining an actual satchel made of worn leather, smelling of tobacco or something. But let’s just talk about the name Satchel for a little one. If you don’t think of it as a bag and just hear the name and see it spelled out, it gives pretty great vibes.



There is something about a name starting with Br that just feels so good. Bridget, Brody, Brantley — all super popular names. So you just know if Broom wasn’t... well... a broom — it would be a Grade A baby name.



Do not think of the meaning of the word, just think of the ~vibes.~ Sorrow is soft, it’s poetic, and it has a nice mouth-feel to it. Just say it out loud. See?



Max, Jax, Rex, Lex — there are lots of cutie pie baby names that end with a heavy X sound, and that’s why Syntax works. Honestly, the nickname of Tax is cute, too, if it weren’t for that whole IRS thing.



Libel is obviously not a great word, but as a baby name, I can see it. It gives me Layla or Lyla feels, but I also love the “bel” at the end. Isabel, Annabel — popular names that also saw the joy in that ending.



Fallow has definitions that relate to farming, so it’s honestly not that bad of a word. As a baby name, Fallow would be super unique, but it’s also just so cute. It gives major cottagecore, and F names are pretty rare to find, but so fun.



There probably are some kids named Rye out there, but it’s still not a word you associate with an adorable little babe. It’s cute, it’s strong and steady, and it obviously feels nature-ish.



I mean, don’t blush. But say it out loud. Labia. That -ia at the end is very sweet (Gloria, Aria, Maria) and it kind of feels like royalty? I can’t explain it.



Now, if you’re a goth parent having a goth baby, maybe this one’s already on your list. Cauldron is not necessarily associated with lovely, nice things, but the definition itself isn’t a weird one or some anatomy thing. Cauldron has another great mouth-feel for a baby name, and Dron as a nickname is just bad*ss, I’m sorry.



Again, we do not have enough “F” baby names out there, so let’s promote Fiber as an option, OK? Fiber is just another word that’s fun to say. Fiber! Imagine yelling it across the playground. It works.



Burn is short, it’s sweet, and it’s gender neutral. I love “B” names, and plenty of popular baby names have had that same sound at the front, like Birdie or Burt.



OK, this is deeply goth and I’m sure it’s been used before, but Coven. Say it out loud a bunch. Coven Johnson. Coven Anne Turner. Coven P. Willis. It just works. That cozy Cov- right at the front is so good.



An aglet is the little plastic piece at the end of a shoelace, but imagine it as a name for a little girl. Aglet. It’s like Agatha, but cooler?



Rickets as a bone issue? No fun. Rickets as a baby name that has nothing to do with bones? Very fun! I love a strong R sound in a baby name, and first names ending in -s have become increasingly popular over the years (Banks, Brooks, Miles).



There are so many baby names that end in -abby or even just -by, so it’s easy to see why Crabby made this list. The definition is obviously not great, but the sound of the word Crabby is just a very, very nice sound.



Bovine has a weird cattle thing happening, but forget all of that. It sort of sounds like bonafide, which is one of my favorite words in the world, but also Bovine can be shortened to Bo or even Vine if you wanted. Just say it out loud and imagine it with your last name. Bovine Smith. It sounds cool, right?



OK, OK, I know it’s hard not to say the word Pie and immediately think of a sweet thing, but what a fun baby name! Pie. The spelling is cute, the shortness of it is great, and it’s a “P” baby name, which are usually pretty unique.



I’m sure knowing what Ovaltine is makes me think of this as a wholesome baby name, but it’s also just kind of fun to say. Plus if you want to shorten to Oval, I think it works very well. Opal’s popular for a reason, you know?



Would anybody even notice if you named a baby girl Margarine? It’s basically Marjorie, but even better somehow. I love it ending with -ine, it gives it a formal kind of note, like how Margaret ends with -ret. Plus think of all the cute nicknames!



Nate has always been one of my favorite names. I think it’s just so punchy and cute, and Plate really does have the same kind of sound. Plus I love a “P” name, and there truly aren’t enough of them if you ask me.



How fun is Ziti? It’s short, it’s spunky, it’s cool. Forget the pasta connotation — it just works, and it has a pretty gender-neutral sound, I think.



Don’t think of it as a spread, just think of how joyful the word Jelly is. How cute is that for a baby name? Little baby Jelly. Your little Jelly boo. Jells for a nickname, a la Jules. It’s adorable.



Say this one out loud: Bristle. It’s that “Bris” for me, and it’s why cities like Bristol have become names for kids. The “Bri” is popular now, too, from Briggs and Brighton to Britton, and it has a bit of a retro vibe making you think of Britney and Bridget.



Come on, it just sounds cool. Those doubl Gs are getting popular in names like Jagger, and it definitely has a cool guy quality to it. (Even if it sounds murder-y.)

All baby names have to come from somewhere, right? So why not this list.