Feb. 7. 2023

The Back To School Issue

How Allyson Felix, America's Most Decorated Runner & Mom, Stays On Track

Written by Jordan Ligons

Photographed by Erik Carter

Styled by Tiffany Reid

What Type Of Back-To-School Mom Are You?

Back-to-school season is upon us and it is, as the kids say, a vibe. (Are the kids still saying that?) What exactly the vibe is depends on what kind of mom you are. Like snowflakes or the way your name is spelled on a Starbucks cup, no two of us are exactly alike, but there are certainly types. Which one are you?

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From Poses To Backgrounds, These Are The Best Back-To-School Picture Ideas

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Your pics will definitely get an A+ for effort.

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25 Great TV Shows About School To Watch As A Family

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The 55 Best Chapter Books For Kids At Every Age

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20 Back-To-School Decorations To Make Kids Feel Oh-So-Welcome

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13 Yummy Back-To-School Cookies You Can Bake Or Buy

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Khloé Kardashian Is Really Not Ready For True’s First Day Of School

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25 Photos Of Royals Being Fashion Icons On Their First Day Of School

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Your Guide To Choosing Extracurricular Activities For Your Kids

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26 Toddler Lunch Ideas They’ll Actually Be Excited To Eat

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Study Schedule Templates Are Hot On Pinterest RN — Here Are 10 Good Ones

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The Toddler Clothes Battle Might End Me

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We're Thinking About After-School Screen Time All Wrong

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Back To School

12 Families Share Their Funny, Sweet, & Silly Back-To-School Traditions

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10 Hilarious Back-To-School Tweets That Just *Get* Us

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OK, Seriously, What Counts As *Sick* Sick?

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