Labor & Delivery
That Post-Birth Ouch

Everything You Need To Know About Postpartum Cramps

by Miranda Rake

How to get a little comfort, and when to call your doctor.

Starbucks, The Savior

This Starbucks Order Is Trending Because People Say It Can Induce Labor

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Bottoms up.

Placenta Previa

Placenta Previa Dos & Don’ts, & What To Expect When You Give Birth

by Katie McPherson

It’s going to be OK.

Happy Healing

Vaginal Bleeding After C-Section: What To Expect & How Long It Lasts

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Is Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe To Drink During Pregnancy?

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Experts agree that more research is needed.


Is It Safe To Pump While Pregnant? Experts Weigh In

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Can You Go Into Labor Without Losing Your Mucus Plug? A Doctor Explains

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3 Signs Effacement Has Begun & Your Baby Is On The Way

by Olivia Youngs and Kelly Glass

Experts explain effacement and dilation.


What Does Crowning Feel Like? The “Ring Of Fire,” Explained

by Jamie Kenney

13 moms share what it really feels like.

Birth Plan

The Ultimate Birth Plan Checklist: Dos, Don'ts & What To Include

by Katie McPherson

From pain management to cord clamping, options abound.


Can Labor Start While Sleeping? Here’s What Experts Say

by Ashley Jones

You can certainly use the extra rest.


Is My Baby Kicking My Cervix A Sign Of Labor?

by Abi Berwager Schreier

Experts explain what could be happening.


Here's What Experts Have To Say About Headaches & Labor

by Steph Montgomery

What causes pregnancy headaches, and how to treat them.


Are You Leaking Amniotic Fluid Or Is It Normal Discharge? Experts Explain

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Is your water breaking?


Are Boy Babies Usually Late?

by Samantha Darby

It’s a total guessing game, but it’s a fun one.


What NICU Means & What To Expect From A NICU Stay

by Jennifer Parris

It's the best place for a hospital's tiniest patients.