postpartum mesh underwear is comfortable while you heal
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Here's Where You Can Buy Those Amazing Postpartum Mesh Undies

They’ll change your life.

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If there's one piece of advice every seasoned mom gives a mom-to-be, it's this: Take all the goodies you can from the hospital when you leave. Those extra diapers, umbilical cord wipes, and giant sanitary pads come in handy. But those mesh panties? Game-changing.

“Postpartum mesh underwear are disposable high-waisted briefs for women to wear during their healing following both vaginal and Cesarean section childbirth, worn most often during the first few weeks after delivery,” Dr. Barbara McLaren, board-certified OB-GYN and co-founder of Kushae feminine wellness products, tells Romper. But as it turns out, these special undies aren't just some hospital novelty, and you don't have to steal them in bulk and hope for the best. Like all good things, you can actually find postpartum mesh underwear on Amazon, and there are several different brands to choose from.

Why would you need these wonder panties when you have your comfiest briefs at the ready? To put it plainly, these mesh treasures are actually a lot more than just a comfy pair of underwear. Anyone who delivers a baby vaginally or via C-section is going to have some postpartum bleeding for a while and their body will need time to heal. “In those first four to six weeks after delivery, women will experience bleeding and discharge called lochia,” says McLaren. “Postpartum mesh underwear are special underwear to use during this time of healing, particularly during the first week when you may be sore due to any vaginal lacerations from delivery and when bleeding is at its heaviest,” she adds. “They are stretchy, high-waisted, and large enough to accommodate usage of multiple pads, including bulky sanitary pads along with a layer of other soothing products like ice packs and witch hazel pads."

Apparently this type of undergarment is also popular for those suffering from incontinence, so it's not entirely unheard of to order packs. You can also find postpartum mesh underwear at nearly any medical supply website, especially if you're hoping to order several pairs.

The expert

Dr. Barbara McLaren is a board-certified OB-GYN at New Beginnings OB-GYN in Houston, TX. She is the co-founder of Kushae feminine wellness products, a brand that specializes in gentle, fragrance-free, paraben-free products for vulva care.

What to consider before buying

McLaren suggests disposable undies made of soft and breathable mesh, great for postpartum hot flashes and sweats. “These panties are also easy to put on and take off,” she adds. “An added benefit is less laundry! Any new mother can testify that house chores are the last thing you want to worry about when getting very little sleep.” Reusable panties, she says, are best when they’re made of 100% cotton since this material is natural, breathable, absorbent, and can provide a bit of compression. So the material being technically “mesh” for disposable or reusable postpartum underwear is actually less important than them being breathable, comfortable, and stretchy. Any big comfortable panties that fit this bill will be a lifesaver during those postpartum recovery weeks.

If you’ve blown through your stack of freebies from the hospital — or just want to be prepared with your own supply — here are the best pairs of postpartum mesh underwear you can find on Amazon.

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Best for comfort

If you find yourself needing more postpartum underwear once you leave the hospital, McLaren says many patients love the Frida Mom undies "for their comfort and stretch." The pack comes with eight pairs and is available in a boyshort style or a high-waisted brief. These disposable pairs are comprised of microfiber and spandex materials. They're available in two sizes: regular fit and petite.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Comfortable, breathable, stretchy

Cons: Not the most durable


“This is by far the best disposable underwear out there! The material is incredibly soft and feels really snug and comfortable.”

Best for breathability

These high-waisted disposable pairs of postpartum mesh underwear come in a pack of three or six and are adaptable to accommodate liners, diaper pads, or maternity pads. One reviewer raved about their comfort, softness, and breathability, saying they were even better than the hospital panties. These briefs are made of polyester and spandex materials and come in four sizes.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Comfortable, washable

Cons: Runs small


“Closest to hospital ! I had a c section and these saved my life. I didn’t air dry (I recommend doing) ...just threw them in the dryer and ordered more as needed... but you can wash them with everything else.”

Best value

If you're looking for a mega pack of disposable postpartum mesh panties, these CARER ones are the way to go. They come in both eight- and 16-packs and are made for hospital and home use. Though they're disposable, each pair can be washed about five to 10 times, so you'll get a lot of use out of them. Plus, they have an extensive size range from small to XX-large.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Large quantity, washable, extensive size range

Cons: Runs small


“Excellent quality product. Not too thin but feels like nothing is on. A big help after giving birth!”

Best for gentle compression

Designed for C-section recovery, these reusable postpartum panties are stretchy and breathable, with a double-layer crotch. Made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, these undies are guaranteed extra comfy. The waistline reaches high above the belly button to compress the incision and hold a thick bandage in place. The multi-colored five-pack is available in size small to XX-large.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Supportive for C-section recovery

Cons: Not right for those who don’t prefer high-waisted


“I am so glad I bought these after my c-section. They come up over my belly button and keep the band off my incision.”

Best looking

While the price is slighter higher on these, the 36-count certainly makes it worth it. The silhouette-defining design is meant to hug the curves with silky softness and feel like your regular underwear — a feature new moms are loving in the reviews. Who wants to feel like they're wearing a diaper all the time, anyways? Plus, these postpartum panties already include an absorbent build-in pad, which turns liquid to gel to avoid leakage, but they also allow space for extra pads if needed.

Pros & Cons

Pros: Leak-proof, visually appealing

Cons: Runs small


“After having my son, I knew postpartum wasn’t going to be a great time. These both kept me clean and provided a fit that felt a lot less like an incontinence diaper. The style helped me feel a little more confident in my new body and they weren’t super visible even in my leggings.”

To really round out the entire postpartum bleeding package, may I also suggest grabbing yourself a gentle, pH-balanced wash (McLaren suggests the Kushae Gentle Feminine Foaming Wash) and a peri bottle for some easy, painless cleansing? It's like a bidet, but just for moms. You know, because you deserve it.


Dr. Barbara McLaren, board-certified OB-GYN and co-founder of Kushae

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