Mackenzie Sylvester

Mackenzie Sylvester is an Updates Writer for Bustle Digital Group, where she writes, edits, and renews content to keep stories fresh across BDG’s lifestyle brands. She covers everything from astrology, wellness, and beauty to sex and relationships, fashion, and pop culture — and she has unapologetically probably already guessed your zodiac sign.

Mackenzie has also written and edited for publications like Byrdie, Covetuer, Brides, Popsugar, California Wedding Day, and Seattle Bride. She holds a B.A. in Digital Journalism from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, where she founded and ran the state’s first Her Campus chapter.

When she’s not doling out impromptu chart readings, Mackenzie loves exploring Alaska, where she currently resides, and is also a photographer, world traveler, and an avid DIY enthusiast. She can generally be found playing with her crystals, making jewelry out of said crystals, and ripping through the latest BookTok phenomenon. See her work on her website and follow her on Instagram @macksylvester27 to see that she does not, in fact, live in an igloo.

Mackenzie Sylvester


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