July 15. 2024


Kevin Hart wearing a donald duck t-shirt

The Father's Day Issue

Photographed by Gizelle Hernandez

Written by Joel Stein

Styled by Ashley North

A Birth Story

Fear And Missing Out: I Became A Dad During COVID

The pandemic kept me out of the doctor’s office — even when things got scary.

by Nick Mordowanec

A Divorced Dad's Co-Parenting Survival Guide

You just have to be willing to take the blame.

by Dave Schilling
Trying To Conceive

My Wife Let Everyone Assume She Was The One Dealing With Infertility

I was the reason we couldn’t get pregnant — and I couldn’t talk about it with anyone.

by Andrew Burlinson

Am I A Dad Yet? Do I Even Want To Be?

I am who I say I am. A (complicated, non-binary) dad (and baba).

by Andrew Givens
Cover Star

Kevin Hart On The (Adorably) Terrible Gifts His Kids Have Given Him

“They made me a mask. It was out of a bra, which was weird.”

by Romper Staff

Father’s Day Ideas

Father's Day

The Best Father’s Day Gifts For All The Dads In Your Life

There’s a tie on this list, but it’s filled with beef jerky.

by Grace Gallagher and Anne Vorrasi

12 Cool, Colorful, & Comfy Sweaters For Men

Father's Day

Here's What To Write In A Father's Day Card, Because You Need Ideas

Father's Day

'Finding Nemo' & More Great Family Movies To Watch This Father’s Day


16 Delicious Father’s Day Recipes