Rebecca Woolf

Rebecca Woolf has worked as a writer for more than two decades, contributing to numerous publications, websites and anthologies, most notably her award-winning blog, Girl’s Gone Child. Woolf is also the author of Rockabye: From Wild to Child and the forthcoming book, All of This: A Memoir of Death and Desire. She lives in Los Angeles with her four children.

Rebecca Woolf

Sex & The Single Mom

I Wasn’t Ready To Date After Divorcing My Husband. Then I Met A Woman & Lost All Composure.

I’ve been content to spend time with my kids and friends, but I met someone and I can’t stop thinking about her.

The Error Of Our Ways

We All Forgot Pamela Anderson Was A Mom. She Never Did.

In the new Netflix documentary Pamela, A Love Story, Anderson shows us what it means to mother fiercely in spite of public degradation, misogyny, and abuse.

Sex and the Single Mom

For Many Women, Divorce Is An Act Of Liberation — For Me, It's Been Devastating

There is no end to healing — we can spend our entire lives moving forward without ever having fully moved on.

Sex and the Single Mom

Did I Get Ghosted Because I’m A Writer?

What it’s really like to kiss and tell.


Bringing Home A Partner For The Holidays Isn't Always A Hallmark Movie

Don’t ignore your cold feet.

Good Vibes Only

The Best Sex Toys For Moms Who Want To Date (And Those Who Don’t)

Good vibes only.

It's Complicated

The Red Flags To Watch For When Dating Post-Divorce

Why is the first relationship after a marriage ends so hard?

Sex And The Single Mom

Widows Are Expected To Mourn Forever — How Do I Date Again Without Shame?

Grieving widows are supposed to stay single and celibate. But what if you’re ready for more?

Relationship Status

Introducing My Boyfriend To My Kid

“I feel like I might be ready but even typing those words gives me anxiety so maybe I’m not.”

What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted

Why Heartbreak After Divorce Can Be The Most Devastating Of All

I didn’t think the end of a relationship could ever be this painful again. I was wrong.

Personal Essay

My Children Were Much Better At Grieving Their Father Than I Was

Children are magical thinkers. It’s why they’re so much better than adults are at death.

Sex & The Single Mom

Sex And Mom Guilt: When I Date Someone New, Am I Cheating On My Kids?

Your kids don't need to know every detail for you to tell them the truth.

Sex and The Single Mom

I’m A Newly Single Mom. How Do I Get Over My Body Insecurity?

You don't have to love all of yourself to love yourself.

Sex & The Single Mom

How to Date Someone After A Complicated Divorce

How to avoid taking sides and be a supportive partner for someone post-divorce.

Sex and the Single Mom

How Do I Rediscover My Sexuality When I’m Completely Touched Out?

If you’ve spent the last few years caring for babies and toddlers, is there any hope of getting back to yourself again?

Sex & The Single Mom

The Best Dating Apps For Parents

A newly single mom's guide to dating apps.

Sex & Relationships

The Virginity Myth

A person’s “first time” should be self-defined regardless of body parts or preference.


It Was COVID. I'm A Single Mom. Casual Sex Was My Lifeline.

We reminded each other, amid the purgatory of COVID, that we were still alive.