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Mother Figures

Love letters to the people in our lives who mother us

Mother Figures

My Nanny Showed Me How To Be A Mother

by Katie C. Reilly

All these years later, I’m so grateful that Eppie taught me how to love.


Raising Us Maybe Wrecked Her Career, But My Mom Is Thriving In Her Second Act

by Samuel Ashworth

Ever since we left home, she's soared


A Kind Friend Showed Me That Nurturing Isn't Only For Mothers

by Carla Ciccone

I spent my 30's being mothered by generous women who were single like me.


Longing To Be Mothered In A New Country

by Purnima Mani

Who does the immigrant mother go to for comfort, with her own mom so far away?


My Therapist Mothers Me Like No One Else Can

by Sarah Wheeler

I adore my children, my husband, my family of origin, my friends. But this work, and the woman who does it with me, is in many ways my life’s great love.


My Best Mom Friend Is A Dad

by Lynn Steger Strong

I joke sometimes that R is my best mom friend, except, honestly, I mean it.


My Mom Friends Saved Me From The Hole Of Postpartum Despair

by Amil Niazi

Having babies at the same time fast-tracked us from acquaintances to close friends


An Ode To The Mom Friends Who Aren't Moms

by April Daniels Hussar

I know I wouldn’t be the mom I am today without my friendship with these women.


That Time I Met A Boy — And Became Best Friends With His Mother

by Joanna Hershon

Jonathan told me I reminded him of his mother. Turns out, she and I were meant to be — we’ve been friends ever since.


I Was Told There'd Be Mom Friends

by Lauren Bans

I really, really wanted to make some new friends.