Baby Names

Millenial Mom's Viral TikTok Breaks Down What Tweens Think Are “Old Names”

“These names are like basically the new Margaret or Barbara.”

by Jen McGuire
Baby Names

23 Traditional Girl Names With Fun Nicknames

So she can have her ~fancy~ name and her fun, spunky name.

by Samantha Darby

Kailyn Lowry Reveals Her Twins' Names & We Haven't Heard These Before

We love alliteration...

by Jamie Kenney
It's A Love Story

Taylor Swift-Inspired Baby Names From All Her Eras

Because nearly every Swift song has a sweet name connection.

by Samantha Darby

17 Wild Boy Names For Your Little Explorer

Think fierce, think brave, and think gentle for these sweet names.

by Samantha Darby
You Wish You Were Her

30 Cool Girl Baby Names Your Daughter’s Classmates Will Covet

Stevie, Dawson, Charlie — you know the ones.

by Katie McPherson
Let It Snow

18 Winter Baby Names For Your Little Snowbunny

From subtle nods to the spirit of winter to more obvious name choices, this list has it all.

by Samantha Darby
Our Crystal Ball Says...

2024 Is The Year Of The “Cool Girl” Names

Romper predicts the year’s biggest baby name trends.

by Katie McPherson
Oh My Gwendolyn

The Absolute Unhinged Joy Of A Cabbage Patch Kid Name

Everyone remembers their Cabbage Patch Kid’s name, but why?

by Samantha Darby
God Bless Us, Everyone

27 Baby Names Inspired By Christmas Movies

From It’s a Wonderful Life’s George to Christmas with the Kranks’ Blair.

by Samantha Darby
That's Cute

OK, Let’s Talk About The Baby Name London

It’s been popular for a while, but will Paris Hilton make it a real trend?

by Samantha Darby
Baby Names

23 Baby Names That Mean “Peace”

They’re beautiful, strong, and everything in between.

by Katie McPherson
Et tu, Brute?

40 Roman Empire-Inspired Baby Names For Your Little Conqueror

Names fit for an emperor (or empress).

by Jamie Kenney
He'll be there for you

The One Where Chandler Becomes A Popular Baby Name

And not just with triplets.

by Samantha Darby

11 Baby Names Inspired By Casper The Friendly Ghost

We’re going to leave out Fatso though.

by Samantha Darby

25 Baby Names Inspired By Hockey For Your Future Sharpshooter

Great names for your future Great One...

by Jamie Kenney